I was recently perusing (sucked into?) Pinterest when I saw an adorable little baby girl with a onesie on that said “Beautiful in Every Shade” so I dug around and found the site that also sells kids t-shirts, adult tanks and tees and now messenger bags. But, I figured there was a story behind the shirt and sure enough, the website led to many other beautiful places. (And, you can order the shirts and tanks here.)

One of my favorite quotes from their about section is, “we believe that ‘none of us are beautiful until we realize that all of us are.'”

They have four projects:
50 Shades of Black
Described as a community-engaged, art-based platform for celebrating the many ways black identity is formed as well as examining the role of skin tone and sexuality in the formation of black identity. Follow on Instagram.
50 Shades of Latino
The result of a partnership with Emory University’s Gamma Nu Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., this gathering included discussions about the implications of skin color on Latino Identity as well as the spectrum of ways Latino and Hispanic are defined. Follow on Instagram.
Black Men Smile
Love this – called a celebration of black men. Follow on Instagram.
Typical American Families
A national project celebrating the diverse spectrum of families across the country. After winning the 2014 One Region Atlanta IDEAS Challenge, they received a grant to use their platform to help bridge faith and culture in the city of Atlanta. Follow on Instagram.