The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade is a book we stumbled upon this week at an adorable toy store in Northfield. It is written by Justin Roberts who most people in the area would know by his music (as he is Grammy-nominated), not his books! But, I have to say, the illustrations by Christian Robinson on the cover of the book drew me in (love the diversity) and the message of the story caused me to purchase it. This is saying a lot since my go-to is amazon for the prices and this was full price! (Note: I now realize that many of the books on our wish list are illustrated by Christian Robinson!)

The story is about a little girl named Sally McCabe who is small in stature and in age but BIG in the things that matter – character! As she goes largely unnoticed by her peers, she in turn, notices EVERYTHING. One day, she gets FED UP with watching how kids bully and treat one another and she decides to let everyone know how she feels in the lunchroom. While some kids are skeptical, many kids (and adults) support her bravery.

The illustrations are truly darling, the story is fun to read and the message is so strong! I like the ending of the story because it shows that people heard her and begin to change in very small ways. But, it isn’t dramatic and implausible. It feels like it could actually encourage kids to do the right thing.

This would be a great addition to any child’s library for Christmas!