Yesterday was World Adoption Day, a worldwide celebration of adoption. If you are on social media at all, you likely saw people posting photos of smiley faces drawn on hands! It is very beautiful to see how many people are touched by adoption and want to celebrate families. I have enjoyed the posts of friends and strangers alike!

I would have hoped to celebrate the day this year without a bit of a catch in my breath over the fact that we aren’t technically an adoptive family yet. But, I decided to push past my frustration with the waiting and participate for a few reasons 1) to show my hope that we will finalize soon 2) I believe in adoption beyond just our own family and 3) it’s a beautiful movement to participate in.

My friend Gina posted one of my favorite sentiments with her smiley face hand. A great reminder that as a Jesus follower, we all have a connection to adoption! I really appreciated what Gina said coming from the perspective as an adoptee because it perfectly captures how Mike and I feel  – the notion that we wanted Little Man before we knew him. Adoption is filled with the complexity of tragedy and beauty and I think many people either simplify the experience – that it is ONLY beautiful disregarding the tragedy that requires adoption to begin with. And, I think others only live in the space that there is tragedy with no hope for redemption. I am grateful for people in my life who are able to live authentically and acknowledge the complexity!

World Adoption Day - Gina